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Little Flower Institute of Medical Science and Research (LIMSAR)
Little Flower Medical Research Centre (LFMRC) Recognized by Mahatma Gandhi University
Little Flower College of Nursing, Angamaly
Little Flower School of Nursing, Angamaly

10 June 2015
Free Cancer detection and detailed examination camp on 11th, 12th and 13th June from 2pm to 5pm
02 December 2014
Brain And Mind Clinic Started on 01.12.2014
13 October 2014
WorldHeartDay 2014- Inauguration Ceremony
28 May 2014
VISION 2020: 10th Annual Conference- 5th & 6th July 2014
13 December 2013
Diabetic Care Centre and Education Details
28 November 2013
Inauguration of Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations of Institute of Ophthalmology
-- 4th December 2013
21 September 2013
Heart Care Update-4
on 29-09-2013
21 September 2013
Seminar In "Recent Advances In Neurophysiology - 2013"
Hospital Research

Has a history of seven decades of service. It was started on 9th Feb 1936 as a small dispensary with one doctor, one compounder , a nurse cum mid wife and a ward boy. At that time the inhabitance of Angamaly was struggling to have some facility for medical aid even at times of extreme necessity. When all the other attempts failed they appealed to the Archbishop of Ernakulam and he asked the parish priest of Angamaly to start a dispencery under the auspices of the Archdiocese.This fact is of at most importance regarding the conducting of the hospital.    
It was started because of the felt need from the part of the people and not as a profit making concern. This aspect is being respected throughout. Even when it grew into a hospital with 800 beds, and 22 departments, some of them of global reputation, the need of the people were given priority. 


• Medical Research Centre approved by Mahatma Ghandhi University
• Approved Training Centre of Government of India for the World Bank Project of training of Professors and Senior Staff members of Medical Colleges in Modern Types of  Surgeries in Ophthalmology
• Recognised by W.H.O. for traniing of Doctors
• Approved by MCI for Senior House Surgeoncy
• Accredited Training Centre of the National Board of Examinations
• School of Nursing recognised by the Nursing council of India
• College of Nursing recognised by Kerala Nursing Council and Mahatma Gandhi University
• School of Lab Technology and School of Medical Record Technology approved by CMAI
• Recognised by Federation of Ophthalmic Research and Education Centre, New Delhi for Diploma
in Ophthalmic Techniques Course
• Approved Centre of Indian Council of Medical Research for research in various field of Ophthalmology
• A member of Haemophilia Association


Little Flower Hospital Trust
P.B.No. 23, Angamaly - Kerala.
Phone : +91-484-3096666
Fax : +91-484-3096666
Email: admin@lfhospital.org
website: www.lfhospital.org