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Little Flower Institute of Medical Science and Research (LIMSAR)
Little Flower Medical Research Centre (LFMRC) Recognized by Mahatma Gandhi University
Little Flower College of Nursing, Angamaly
Little Flower School of Nursing, Angamaly

10 June 2015
Free Cancer detection and detailed examination camp on 11th, 12th and 13th June from 2pm to 5pm
02 December 2014
Brain And Mind Clinic Started on 01.12.2014
13 October 2014
WorldHeartDay 2014- Inauguration Ceremony
28 May 2014
VISION 2020: 10th Annual Conference- 5th & 6th July 2014
13 December 2013
Diabetic Care Centre and Education Details
28 November 2013
Inauguration of Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations of Institute of Ophthalmology
-- 4th December 2013
21 September 2013
Heart Care Update-4
on 29-09-2013
21 September 2013
Seminar In "Recent Advances In Neurophysiology - 2013"

Little Flower Hospital Trust, Angamaly is a registered charitable not-for-profit health related institution. This institution is aimed at providing quality medical care to the needy especially to the poor. It started as a primary health centre in response to the felt need of the community. The hospital is located in a very strategic location and medically underserved area. Today it is a 800 bedded multi-speciality hospital. Inspite of its rapid development and growth the Institution retained its commitment to the need of the common man and the importance of prevention and control. We are spending lots of effort and money for charity purpose every year.


Year OP Patients In - Patients
2002 3,52,394 34,501
2003 3,50,918 32,926
2004 3,40,328 31,392






The institution has taken major initiatives in the following areas:


One of the major activities of the hospital is conducting free eye camps. Free eye screening camps are held every week in various remote village of Kerala including colonies & tribal areas.

The statistics of the patients screened free of all charges during the last 3 years is given below:

Year No. of Patients screened
2002 79890
2003 95079
2004 84590






We started peripheral eye care centres in three remote areas

    * Manimooly in Malappuram District,
    * Kanjirapuzha in Palghat District
    * Irrutty in Cannannore District


Statistics of School Screening Programme 2002 to 2004

No. of students
No. of Defective
No. of students
treated at School
No. of students
referred to L.F Hospital
16,536 1118 354 764
32,989 2403 585 1819
29,751 2006 561 1445






Eye Bank:
The Government of Kerala has honoured our hospital with an award for the best performance in corneal transplantation in 2003


    * Reproductive and Child Health (RCH Project)
      (Sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Ministry )
    * Family Health Nutrition Education Programme
      (Sponsored by OEU & Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Ministry)
    * T.B Eradication project
    * Comprehensive Community Survey Blood Group Detection Camps Pain and Palliative Care Clinic Haemophilia Society Osteoporosis Detection Camp
    * Road Accident Help Line Booths
    * Snake Bite Project:


    * Regular training for Dip. NB
    * Senior House Surgency, we conduct short duration courses for practicing ophthalmologists.
    * Government of India has approved this institute as a Training Centre for World Bank Project for training of Professors & Senior Staff of the Medical
    * Colleges in modern type of surgery (Training of Trainers).
    * W.H.O. Recognition in training of Doctors in ECCE with IOL & SICS surgeries 13. Antioxidant activity of Spinacia Oleracea
    * The staff members regularly attend national and international conferences and present scientific papers.

Scientific Papers Published & Presented:
More than 100 scientific papers on different topics have been published in national and international journals. More than 200 papers have been read in conference, both national and international in character. Regular teaching programmes, workshops, symposia are also conducted.

Research & Clinical Studies Undertaken:
Studies and research in various fields were undertaken in the department under the sponsorship/ collaboration of various bodies such as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), University of Otago, New Zealand, STEC, Government of Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi University.


The institution has been recognized as a Research Centre in Physiology to conduct Ph.D programmes.
20 papers have been published from this center including one in Genomics 1998 and another in Nature genetics 1997, in collaboration with the University of Ontago, New Zealand.


Little Flower Hospital Trust
P.B.No. 23, Angamaly - Kerala.
Phone : +91-484-3096666
Fax : +91-484-3096666
Email: admin@lfhospital.org
website: www.lfhospital.org